active class


The objective of this course is to increase the students’ English communication skills by:

  1. improving fluency through regular practice of speaking activities;
  2.  expanding vocabulary through discussions, role plays, presentations, pair works, and group works on various topics, and
  3. developing a solid of understanding of oral English communication,  as well as basic  structures, taught  through non explicit conceptual structur teachings, but through communication, i.e. using the target language.


Our class will use a variety of learning techniques. These include pair work or group work discussions and individual presentations that use the text book, multimedia, and other materials, that can make students actively practice and use the target language, provided by the teacher. In class, students will work, learn and speak together.

This is not a lecture class where the students sit quietly and listen. They will be active.

Books  and other Materials

Books are provided by Jo&Friends

Materials/copies to support the teaching leaning activities, like games, pair work and group work, and other activities will be provided by the teachers and multiplied by Jo&Friends.


There will be two exams; the mid-term exam (session 10) will be a written test. The final exam (sessions 20) will be both written and speaking tests.


45% final exam

35% mid-term exam

10% attendance

10% participation

Other Comments

Final scores for the class will follow Jo&Friends grade distribution policy.

Every class, Students will need 4 things: a writing tool (e.g. a pencil), a notebook, the textbook and a dictionary. Phone dictionaries are okay. Students who do not bring these learning tools to every class may not be satisfied with their final outcome.

Attendance is very important for every student’s learning. Please come to every class, and come on time.


A solid team for your perfect English

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