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An English course starting with in-house training classes, but now we have already run classes in our center in Fatmawati Area South jakarta. We have various kinds of clients ranging from schools, government institutions to private companies.

Workshop: Effective Communication in English

The workshop with the theme of Effective Communication in English  was held on 27-28 September 2018 in Amaris Hotel  Jl. Pajajaran Bogor.

amaris 9
The opening speech by Mr.  R. Achmad Yusuf, S.A., S.E., M.Ed

The workshop was as an effort to improve the communication skill in english for the employees of  Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education–The directorate of special Education Training and Specialized Care — the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The activity was organized and presented by Jo&Friends and  attended by 50 participants with two trainers from jo&Friends, Mr. Novan Kurniadi and Ms. Isnani Prasetyo. The purpose of this workshop was to give more practice and confidence to the participants in communicating in English, especially in giving correct information of the ministry issues to those needing it in English.

It was opened by Mr. R. Achmad Yusuf, S.A., S.E., M.Ed representing the director, Dra. Poppy Dewi Puspitawati, M.A., who could’t make the opening as she was on a business trip to Vietnam.

At the end of the seminar, on the second day, Mr. Warry, the training manager of Jo&Friends  announced the two best participants of the activity. They were Mr.  Fajar Yudianto, S.E. and Mr. Muthalib Ritonga.

amaris 6
Workshop activity

amaris 7
Workshop activity

amaris 1
Appreciation for the two best participants

The workshop was closed by the director of Jo&Friends represented by the academic director. Mr. Miftah.

amaris 2
Souvenir from Jo&Friends to the ministry

amaris 5
Closing session

General English Conversation Teacher’s Resources

Below are resources accompanying General English Conversation Books.

  1. General English Conversation Book 1 and 2  Grammar  Reference: GEC Elementary Grammar Reference 
  2. General English Conversation  Book 1 and 2 Communication: GEC Elementary Communication
  3. General English Conversation Book 3 and 4  Grammar Reference: GEC Grammar Reference Pre Intermediate
  4. General English Conversation Book 3 and 4  Communication: GEC Pre Intermediate Communication
  5. General English Conversation Book 5 and 6 Communication: English Conversation 5 and 6 Communication
  6. Hot Spot 1 Teacher’s Book: hot spot 1 tb

Jo&Friends English Club

j&f eNGLISH cLUBin addition to our existing private, semi private, and IHT English classes, We are launching a new product called Jo&Friends English Club where people interested in English will gather together in a completely speaking English environment. For the beginning we are preparing for the BSD area and the program will be taking place in a hotel in the area.

The club is in response to the need of media for people interested in and wanting to practice English with people with the same interest. But we understand that we have limited places to practice our English in our very own towns because not in all offices or institutions English is really spoken, but we at times need to speak English when we deal with English speaking people in business or when we travel abroad, or when we attend meetings or conferences in English.

For the beginning we invite executives or those working or living in and around BSD area. After the group we will also invites high school students. And for the students’ benefit we will hold the program in a restaurant or café in the area.

Becoming a member of the club holds numerous benefits which are:

  • The club is a healthy playground where participants can increase social interaction with friends who have common hobbies and English competence.
  • The club helps participants form relationship with peers who share their interests.
  • The club serves as a positive and really fresh place for participants to socialize on weekends.
  • When taking part in the club, they are encouraged to communicate with new members who they haven’t met before or talked previous times.
  • Participants can broaden their friendship because the club warmly welcomes all participants not only from the same institution/company but also from several institutions/companies nearby. Therefore, they have a lot of chances to talk to many different and new friends.
  • Another leading benefit is that it can help develop participants’ English skills. By talking in English with new friends in the club, participants have great time to sharpen their English skills, especially listening and speaking in a total English environmen

In conclusion, participation of English Speaking Club is a way to connect with others, to raise English ability and to improve working skills.

Since April 2018 we have opened registration for the membership, and we have received pretty enthusiastic responses. Registration is still open until first week of July 2018 as the first English club program will be held on the second Saturday, 14 July 2018, and after that the club activity will repeat every second Saturday of each month.

If you are interested in joining the club then you have to hurry since we have limited seats.

For more information about the club you can call  021-7696404 or 021-7696534

English Club Information

End of Year Promo

We are about to leave the year 0f 2016 and welcome 2017. To face the New Year, we are inviting students of SMP and SMA/K to study English in our center, join the class and find out about our fun learning and meet our friendly teachers. In addition, we are giving  a lot of end of year gift for you. Check this out!


So, what are you waiting for, Guys?

Grand Opening of Jo&Friends Office

Jo&Friends has been in operation since 2014. Our first office was in Lebak Bulus and Pangkalan Jati. We officially moved to Fatmawati Festival Jl. RS Fatmawati  South Jakarta on 4 January 2016, but we held the grand opening, or we prefer to call it warming party, one month later, 5 February 2016.

We invited our teachers  and some guests to the center. Thanks God the event ran well and succesfully

Here are pictures when the event were taking place, Thanks to Ms. Stella for sending us the pictures.

Thank to all making the event successful.

Jo&Friends Profile

Jofriends TEam
The men behind Jo&Friends

In 2007 We, CV Cipta Karya Lingua, founded One Stop English in the area of Depok. Later at the beginning of 2014 we changed the name of the Course to Jo&Friends. We have been based in South Jakarta since then.

Since the establishment, our institution has been receiving positive responses from the public, especially state and private schools, and scores of government institutions (data attached). We did not receive the positive appreciation for free, but it was the result of our hard work focusing on our commitment in giving the best service for the success of the participants of the English courses in our institution in developing self-confidence in mastering the English language.

We offer various English programs and teaching learning systems that makes the customers can flexibly choose the course programs they really need and schedules to attend the courses based on their availability. The teaching –learning process can be conducted either in Jo&Friends center or  in the clients’ homes or offices.

 Teaching-Learning Methods

Students’ success in mastering English actually depends on how serious they are and how committed they are to learning English and applying what they have learned from the course programs they take. However the methods and learning systems are of the important key components for their success. For that reason, we use various learning methods suitable with the course programs taken by the students/clients.

For example, for conversation class, we use a method called “natural method”, a system which allows students to speak as native speakers speak through a variety of learning activities with the trainers’ instructions, by watching videos, listening to English conversation from CDs, pairing, grouping, and presentation or role plays.

Principally, the method is adopted from how a child speaks in his mother tongue (listen ans see, understand, and speak). We certainly use Different methods for different programs, and we believe the methods we design can be very helpful for the learners to be capable of mastering English actively and communicatively.

The Teachers

In providing the English language training, we proudly and consistently assign local English teachers as instructors for each program we offer. They are English teachers with outstanding qualities graduating from reputable universities, both in Indonesia and abroad, with experience teaching various kinds of  English classess of all levels and for different ages.

The local English teachers have proven that they master English very well although they did not start learning English from their early ages, unlike native speakers of English, they have spoken the language since the first time they could speak.

The fact has proven that local English teachers are the real role models for the students, so that they will be able to master  English  language for communication relatively more easily and faster.

Few reasons why Jo&Friends uses local English teachers

  • Both teachers and students share the same culture, so that teachers can more easily explain when students encounter problems.
  • teachers and students create a closer rapport; teachers can predict students difficulties in learning the rules of language as they might have similar experience.
  • The local teachers serve as the role models for successful language learners of English.
  • We participate and support government’s program in creating jobs in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and the surroundings, for professional local English teachers.

It takes competent and professional teachers to expect good quality outcomes of a teaching –learning process. For the reason, the process of teacher recruitments turns out to be one of our main concerns. Besides they must have teaching experience, the teachers of Jo&Friends are required to attend a teacher training managed by the Academic Department of Jo&Friends

The followings are the criteria of Jo&Friends’s teachers.

  1. Having undergraduate (S1) certificate (English major or non English majors),
  2. Having at least three year teaching experience,
  3. Having TOEFL score of at least 550, and
  4. Attending a teacher training administered by the Academic Department of Jo&friends.