Workshop: Effective Communication in English

The workshop with the theme of Effective Communication in English  was held on 27-28 September 2018 in Amaris Hotel  Jl. Pajajaran Bogor.

amaris 9
The opening speech by Mr.  R. Achmad Yusuf, S.A., S.E., M.Ed

The workshop was as an effort to improve the communication skill in english for the employees of  Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education–The directorate of special Education Training and Specialized Care — the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The activity was organized and presented by Jo&Friends and  attended by 50 participants with two trainers from jo&Friends, Mr. Novan Kurniadi and Ms. Isnani Prasetyo. The purpose of this workshop was to give more practice and confidence to the participants in communicating in English, especially in giving correct information of the ministry issues to those needing it in English.

It was opened by Mr. R. Achmad Yusuf, S.A., S.E., M.Ed representing the director, Dra. Poppy Dewi Puspitawati, M.A., who could’t make the opening as she was on a business trip to Vietnam.

At the end of the seminar, on the second day, Mr. Warry, the training manager of Jo&Friends  announced the two best participants of the activity. They were Mr.  Fajar Yudianto, S.E. and Mr. Muthalib Ritonga.

amaris 6
Workshop activity

amaris 7
Workshop activity

amaris 1
Appreciation for the two best participants

The workshop was closed by the director of Jo&Friends represented by the academic director. Mr. Miftah.

amaris 2
Souvenir from Jo&Friends to the ministry

amaris 5
Closing session

General English Conversation Teacher’s Resources

Below are resources accompanying General English Conversation Books.

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  3. General English Conversation Book 3 and 4  Grammar Reference: GEC Grammar Reference Pre Intermediate
  4. General English Conversation Book 3 and 4  Communication: GEC Pre Intermediate Communication
  5. General English Conversation Book 5 and 6 Communication: English Conversation 5 and 6 Communication
  6. Hot Spot 1 Teacher’s Book: hot spot 1 tb