Jo&Friends English Club

j&f eNGLISH cLUBin addition to our existing private, semi private, and IHT English classes, We are launching a new product called Jo&Friends English Club where people interested in English will gather together in a completely speaking English environment. For the beginning we are preparing for the BSD area and the program will be taking place in a hotel in the area.

The club is in response to the need of media for people interested in and wanting to practice English with people with the same interest. But we understand that we have limited places to practice our English in our very own towns because not in all offices or institutions English is really spoken, but we at times need to speak English when we deal with English speaking people in business or when we travel abroad, or when we attend meetings or conferences in English.

For the beginning we invite executives or those working or living in and around BSD area. After the group we will also invites high school students. And for the students’ benefit we will hold the program in a restaurant or café in the area.

Becoming a member of the club holds numerous benefits which are:

  • The club is a healthy playground where participants can increase social interaction with friends who have common hobbies and English competence.
  • The club helps participants form relationship with peers who share their interests.
  • The club serves as a positive and really fresh place for participants to socialize on weekends.
  • When taking part in the club, they are encouraged to communicate with new members who they haven’t met before or talked previous times.
  • Participants can broaden their friendship because the club warmly welcomes all participants not only from the same institution/company but also from several institutions/companies nearby. Therefore, they have a lot of chances to talk to many different and new friends.
  • Another leading benefit is that it can help develop participants’ English skills. By talking in English with new friends in the club, participants have great time to sharpen their English skills, especially listening and speaking in a total English environmen

In conclusion, participation of English Speaking Club is a way to connect with others, to raise English ability and to improve working skills.

Since April 2018 we have opened registration for the membership, and we have received pretty enthusiastic responses. Registration is still open until first week of July 2018 as the first English club program will be held on the second Saturday, 14 July 2018, and after that the club activity will repeat every second Saturday of each month.

If you are interested in joining the club then you have to hurry since we have limited seats.

For more information about the club you can call  021-7696404 or 021-7696534

English Club Information

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